cafe Pellicola is a vibrant community dedicated to celebrate the prominent achievements of Italian cinema. The selected films represent different styles of some of the great directors from the Neorealist film movement to the present. The intent is to introduce less known work such as Il Posto by Ermanno Olmi alongside widely acclaimed achievements by Fellini and Moretti. In this sense, cafe Pellicola provides a platform for discussing the full range of genres in Italian cinema.

True, for every artistic choice; a close-up, color template or soundtrack– there is always a personal story the director is leveraging in order to convey a genuine narrative. Yet, for us the audience who is watching the finished product, this personal story is in most cases hidden. So we’re left with creating our own interpretations based on our personal experiences and beliefs.

This twilight zone between the film’s original message and our own experiences is the stage for myriad of observations, point of views and discussions that we hope will take place right here on cafe Pellicola.

So keep the conversation alive and let us know your thoughts either by commenting on this blog, following us on our Facebook page, Twitter: @cafePellicola and YouTube. For learning more about cafe Pellicola’s professional services click here.


cafe Pellicola team
Laura Bianconcini – San Diego
Shlomi Ron – New York

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