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For organizing Italian Film Festivals:
cafe Pellicola has curated several Italian film festivals and post-screening discussions in libraries and prominent film centers. You can check our past events here. For details about customizing a festival for your location, please contact festivals [at] cafepellicola [dot] com 

For developing online interviews with filmmakers / experts, supported by targeted promotions:
Inline with cafe Pellicola’s mission of promoting Italian cinema to English-speaking audiences, we occasionaly run live or recorded online interviews with Italian filmmakers / experts and audience Q&A, that are then promoted on our blog, social networks and partners. For details about a custom package, please contact interviews [at] cafepellicola [dot] com

For advertising or sponsorships:
Founded in 2006, as one of the first blogs dedicated solely to Italian cinema, cafe Pellicola offers a targeted audience comprised of: Italian cinema lovers, world cinema cinephiles, Italophiles, travelers to Italy, cinema students, writers, media journalists, Italian hospitality vendors (hotels, restaurants) and fashion trendsetters. We are open to wide range of collaborations such as:

  • Banner advertising, section sponsorships, page takeovers
  • Sponsored posts
  • Online interview sponsorships
  • Special events
  • Licensing existing cafe Pellicola’s content

For more information, please contact promotions [at] cafepellicola [dot] com
or you can send your proposal through our Blog Dash profile page:

For all other inquiries, please use this form:


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