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Guglielmo il dentone – William “Il Dentone” (Luigi Filippo D’Amico – 1965)

These days YouTube is overflowing with rare cinematic gems like this short film by Luigi Filippo D’Amico Guglielmo il dentone, which is part of a triptych film named I Complessi with the other two shorts directed by Dino ...

Pane e cioccolata – Bread and Chocolate (Franco Brussati – 1974)

In this film, director Franco Brusati brings to life a common theme in 70’s cinema, packaged in commedia all’italiana film genre ; the struggle to find your own identity in a foreign land. It’s a universal theme we can fi...
Kimbo (Naples - 1963)


Big Deal on Madonna Street – I Soliti Ignoti (Mario Monicelli – 1958)

On one hand you can look at this film and say it’s all about men camaraderie in effort to solve an economical problem, and indeed the relationships among the protagonists run the gamut from support, anger, humor, and compassion...