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Open Roads 2013: E’ stato il figlio – It was the Son (Daniele Cipri – 2012)

It’s June, so that means it’s time for Open Roads: New Italian Cinema 2013 at New York’s Lincoln Film Society. It’s a fantastic annual festival that brings some of the freshest voices in Italian Cinema, thus breaking the chain ...

In nome della legge – In the Name of the Law (Pietro Germi – 1949)

New magistrate arrives, and old one departs It usually happens when a new guy, typically from the north, but in this case from the Sicilian capital, arrives to the wild South in effort to instill some law and order and the loca...
Medaglia d’Oro (Naples – 1901)


Seduced and Abandoned – Sedotta e abbandonata (Pietro Germi – 1964)

When you think about what makes a film a masterpiece, beyond the usual suspects like clever script, believable acting or memorable soundtrack – what I believe worked extremely well for post-war Italian cinema is the historical ...

N.I.C.E. Sicilian Short Films Contest – Taormina Film Festival

Just arrived yesterday to charming Taormina, aptly named because it’s perched royally on mount Tauro overlooking mount Etna. The town is not packed as I was initially afraid of but contains a healthy dose of tourists that happi...

Kaos (Paolo and Vittorio Taviani -1984)

With a mysteriously enchanting soundtrack by Nicola Piovani and a black raven donned with a chiming bell flying over the timeless medieval villages perched defiantly on the mountains of Girgenti on the southern coast of Sicily ...