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From 2012 Rome’s International Film Festival: L’insolito ignoto – Vita acrobatica di Tiberio Murgia (Sergio Naitza – 2012)

For my day 2 in Rome’s International Film Festival I picked a documentary film by Sergio Naitza, under the Documentary track out of the competition. We’re all too accustomed to be exposed to the lives of the A-stars like ...

From 2012 Rome’s International Film Festival: L’Isola Dell’Angello Caduto – The Island of the Fallen Angel (Carlo Lucarelli – 2012)

Waiting for first screening of “L’isola dell’angelo caduto” by Carlo Lucarelli @ Rome Film Festival. From the rich program of the festival, I picked the debut film of director Carlo Lucarelli, famous for...
Miscela d’Oro (Messina – 1946)


Master Class with Marco Bellocchio – Taormina Film Festival

I was looking forward to this event to be able to have unmediated impressions in real time about one of the most important directors in Italian cinema who started his career in 1965, while living in London with a remarkable mas...

N.I.C.E. Sicilian Short Films Contest – Taormina Film Festival

Just arrived yesterday to charming Taormina, aptly named because it’s perched royally on mount Tauro overlooking mount Etna. The town is not packed as I was initially afraid of but contains a healthy dose of tourists that happi...

Teleport Yourself into Taormina, Sicily

June 10-12 starts the famous Taormina Film Fest. Antonioni’s L’avventura (The Adventure – 1960) was shot there. If you have other plans for the summer, cafe Pellicola can really take you there now… Ready...