Teleport Yourself into Taormina, Sicily

June 10-12 starts the famous Taormina Film Fest. Antonioni’s L’avventura (The Adventure – 1960) was shot there. If you have other plans for the summer, cafe Pellicola can really take you there now…

Ready? To start your journey in Taormina, simply follow these instructions:

  • TO LAUNCH: Click on icon on upper right corner of the image below, for a full screen view.
  • TO TURN: Hold down your mouse and drag around for 360 view.
  • TO EXPLORE STREETS: Click on white arrows that appear on main roads.
  • TO ZOOM IN: Double click on objects of interest.
  • TO RETURN: Hit Esc when you had enough and are ready to be catapulted back home.

Enjoy and let us know how did it go.

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By Shlomi Ron

Visual marketing guy with a penchant for fine Italian cinema.

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