Posted 2007/01/01 by Laura Bianconcini in Drama

The Son’s Room – La Stanza del Figlio (Nanni Moretti – 2001)

I have tried so much to get your picture Victor. Yes Nanni Moretti is perfectly flat as that particular character should be. But there is something missing. Nanni Moretti is flat full stop. Which is different. Nanni Moretti is flat on his own, and his acting is forced, almost theatric, because the actor is not there. His flatness does not reach me. He is desperate yes, looking for his pain. That he can’t find. His pain is all left to the noises.

The screws on the coffin. The loud music at the fair. He screams through these noises. But this is the director Nanni Moretti, great. The actor is absolutely anti-artistic. He is unfair to let us have his acting.
He is in this character because he wants to try this life experience. His eyes don’t show any pain because he’s is thinking about how this pain could be, and how he would feel in this situation. But he absolutely does not feel.
This is basically a personal experiment. Anche un po’ irrispettoso.
No. I think Nanni Moretti, if he really wants to be under the camera, should only use himself as a reporter style – like in Caro Diario.
Sorry Victor.

Laura Bianconcini

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