Flat or No Flat?

In a recent post, Laura commented on Nanni Moretti’s acting style – calling it “flat” – in the film The Son’s Room. Well, here is a short clip from the movie, just hit play to watch:

True, this is just a clip, but to me he seems pretty expressive. What is your verdict? Flat or no flat? Anyone?

P.S. Moretti is the bearded guy.

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By Shlomi Ron

Visual marketing guy with a penchant for fine Italian cinema.

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  1. Bene. Flat or not flat. Here is the deal.
    Moretti has no art in acting. He’s just not an actor. You can act in two ways: you are an actor or you are not. If you act as an actor, we see a character coming out from your acting, no matter how disgusting or flat this is. But we see a defined identity that smoothly and naturally fits into the picture. If you act, that’s it, senza ne’ arte ne’ parte (we say in italian – a little bit of work, sorry), what we see is just a series of efforts to fit into the scheme.. without any match, any fluidity, any art. You just don’t reach us.
    Anyway… what is really great in this movie are the noises. No?

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