A Special Day – Una Giornata Particolare (Ettore Scola – 1977)

I consider this movie a masterpiece. Starting from the photography. The seppia/monocolor gives an impressive touch of visual art. I could spend 5 minutes observing each frame. And every single object, profile, thing, is just perfect. Do you remember when everybody leaves, and Sofia is sitting alone at the messed up table in the kitchen? what a picture. All those things. The cups, the comic-strip, the box where she put the left overs. And when she collect and drinks the leftover caffellatte from the cups. How can you think about some daily gestures like these.

It’s like a poem. Ettore Scola through this movie is giving us poetry.

And the setup, un condominio popolare. We don’t see anything else, just a building and a courtyard. And still we, spectators, we don’t feel contraints, trapped, into these walls. Even almost every scene is indoors. In fact, we feel actually protected.

By Laura Bianconcini

A Native Italian from Rome who is master disseminator of Italian culture through travel.

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