The Slow Match – La partita lenta (Paolo Sorrentino – 2009)

It’s part of the trio short movies proposed by Per Fiducia, the project already described in the review of Il Premio.

This is an intense shot on reality. When we say the eloquence of silence. He makes the silence speak. Slowly, sweetly, deeply. Black and white, and we are already into a poem. Every single shot is a portrait of truth. It’s amazing the power of these images. We don’t need to speak to be understood if who is watching us can read a little deeper. Sorrentino can really drill through the soul of his characters.

A strong message towards the truth. A kind of, just be yourself. But also a message of being close to others, because anything in life is related to others. The match, with your companions, and the team work. And no matter who they are, young, old, father, friends, they are your team players. You have to trust all of them.

Very interesting the choice of a rugby match, an unusual sport in Italy, that gives the sense of team, of fighting together, where the compact strength of the group is very important.

A masculine message if you want, a message for men. However with no macho input at all. Instead an invitation maybe to reconsider the natural meaning of being a man, from the basic.

The location. A field in the suburbs of a big town. Where we think a strong message of hope is even more needed. And where the ground for simple values could be uncertain as well as more natural at the same time.

The characters. A simple working class family, very sweet and very true. There is this strong tight shred that links the whole thing. The grandma, the father, the mother, the son. What a cute picture. The family, an important value to support and to pursue for mutual benefits of all its components. Family as the first strong starting point for building a good sense of trust towards yourself, the others and the future. It’s a lovely movie, intense and rich. And artistically wonderful.

Buona visione.

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By Laura Bianconcini

A Native Italian from Rome who is master disseminator of Italian culture through travel.

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  1. i agree this is a wonderful film. rugby is making inroads in italy it is mainly played in the north east of the country. italy is also take part of the annual six nations competition along with, england, wales,scotland, ireland and france, they also take part in the rugby union world cup every four years. at present they are touring austalia who they are playing today ( but probably are not going to win!). in michelangelo antonioni’s 1950 film “cronaca di un amore” (story of a love affair) there is a scean where they stop and watch a rugby game.

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