Boccaccio ’70: Renzo e Luciana (Mario Monicelli – 1962)

With the global success of Fellini’s 1960 La Dolce Vita, Cinecitta’ the glorious studio in Rome continued the theme of love in modern times, featuring four leading directors: Mario Monicelli, Federico Fellini, Luchino Visconti ...

Giulia non esce la sera – Giulia Doesn’t Date at Night (Giuseppe Piccioni – 2009)

In this film Giuseppe Piccioni returns to familiar themes of alienation and the decline of modern family structures, the resulting need for companionship and our value system that wraps it all in good and bad labels. The film&#...
Segafredo Zanetti (Bologna – 1973)


The Slow Match – La partita lenta (Paolo Sorrentino – 2009)

It’s part of the trio short movies proposed by Per Fiducia, the project already described in the review of Il Premio. This is an intense shot on reality. When we say the eloquence of silence. He makes the silence speak. Slowly,...

The Award – Il premio (Ermanno Olmi – 2009)

This short film is part of “Per Fiducia” (“Through Trust”), an ambitious project that unites three award-winning directors Ermanno Olmi, Gabriele Salvatores, and Paolo Sorrentino in cooperation with Inte...

Sonetaula (Salvatore Mereu – 2008)

From Los Angeles Independent Festival in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles. Great excitement for this movie which is again from and about Sardinia. The fact that the director was there presenting ...