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Open Roads 2011: Il mio domani – My Tomorrow (Marina Spada – 2011)

It’s amazing that a year has just passed and it’s already June and time for Lincoln Center’s excellent series: Open Roads: New Italian Cinema 2012. I attended last year and enjoyed the fresh lineup; I reviewed a few. Director M...

Open Roads 2011: Fughe e approdi – Return to the Aeolian Islands (Giovanna Taviani – 2010)

Quick, what comes to your mind when you think about the word “island?” It’s not a coincidence the word swings between two opposing associations: on the positive end, it offers exotic escape, away from it all repose, while on th...
Segafredo Zanetti (Bologna – 1973)


Cosa voglio di più – Come Undone (Silvio Soldini – 2010)

If you think what made Neorealism successful; a genuine blend of non-professional actors, shots on location, themes of social hardships and “objectively” journalistic camera – served to post-war Italian audiences that must have...

The Award – Il premio (Ermanno Olmi – 2009)

This short film is part of “Per Fiducia” (“Through Trust”), an ambitious project that unites three award-winning directors Ermanno Olmi, Gabriele Salvatores, and Paolo Sorrentino in cooperation with Inte...

Remember Me My Love – Ricordati di me (Gabriele Muccino – 2003)

Is Italian cinema dead? Not by a long shot. Yes, current Italian filmmakers have been facing this incredible challenge of reinventing Italian cinema in the face of its grand history. No matter how you slice it, it could definit...