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Guglielmo il dentone – William “Il Dentone” (Luigi Filippo D’Amico – 1965)

These days YouTube is overflowing with rare cinematic gems like this short film by Luigi Filippo D’Amico Guglielmo il dentone, which is part of a triptych film named I Complessi with the other two shorts directed by Dino ...

Open Roads 2013: Handmade Cinema (Guido Torlonia – 2012)

When was the last time you created something with your hands? In a world of rapid technology changes where digital screens seem to mediate large chunk of our daily lives; from omnipresent mobile screens, to office computers, af...
Lavazza (Turin - 1895)


Open Roads 2013: Il Riscatto – The Redemption (Giovanna Taviani – 2013)

“Unlikely Combinations” may be considered one of the most effective recipes to drive engagement in arts. In cinema in general and in our case Italian cinema, you can instantly think of many successful examples. Here are two pro...

Open Roads 2013: E’ stato il figlio – It was the Son (Daniele Cipri – 2012)

It’s June, so that means it’s time for Open Roads: New Italian Cinema 2013 at New York’s Lincoln Film Society. It’s a fantastic annual festival that brings some of the freshest voices in Italian Cinema, thus breaking the chain ...

Pane e cioccolata – Bread and Chocolate (Franco Brussati – 1974)

In this film, director Franco Brusati brings to life a common theme in 70’s cinema, packaged in commedia all’italiana film genre ; the struggle to find your own identity in a foreign land. It’s a universal theme we can fi...