8½ (Federico Fellini – 1963)

This Oscar-winning masterpiece was originally titled “La Bella Confusione” (The Nice Confusion) and was made in six months against the backdrop of the early 60’s Economic Miracle (Boom Economico) in which Italy experienced substantial economic growth. This period of prosperity on one hand also added confusion and identity crisis as Italian society transformed from agricultural… Continue reading 8½ (Federico Fellini – 1963)

The White Sheik – Lo Sceicco Bianco (Federico Fellini – 1952)

Are you a Yankee fan? A Madonna die-hard? Or better yet a Justin Bieber’s zealot? By having sports or entertainment idols we develop a perfect extension of our identity. You might say, an aspired identity full of good looks, talents and fortunes. In this parallel worlds dynamics, whatever happens to your subject of admiration in… Continue reading The White Sheik – Lo Sceicco Bianco (Federico Fellini – 1952)