Respiro – Grazia’s Island (Emanuele Crialese – 2001)

Session Winter 2007. Last movie.

Lampedusa, an island of 6000 people, closer to Africa than to Sicily.

They don’t even speak italian. They don’t speak anyway. This movie talks through the southern people’s glance, the wild gestures of bearfooted children, the dark thick skin of the fishermen and the close mouth of their women. Blessed by the blinding light of the sun and cursed by the sensual blue of an untouchable sea.

In this cultural prison, Grazia (Valeria Golino), wife of Pietro (Vincenzo Amato) and mother of Pasquale, Filippo e Marinella, free born, spontaneous, genuine, is a threat to the immobile agelong mentality of this secluded village.

What happened to Grazia? sweetly floating among the bubbles of thousands men in the night of San Bartolo?

Those who didn’t come to this last class, really missed a great experience. An original venetian gondola, a charming real singing gondoliere James, prosecco from Victors cave, cheese from Israel by Shlomi, Andrea’s lost italian words, unforgettable peperoni marinati by James (always singing), my curious provoking questions about this sweet movie suspended above this wonderful surreal scenery.

Session Winter 2007. Last class.


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Che cosa succede secondo voi a Grazia?

Grazie Jim.

By Laura Bianconcini

A Native Italian from Rome who is master disseminator of Italian culture through travel.

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