Terraferma (Emanuele Crialese – 2011)

These days I have roughly an hour commute time between 8AM-9AM, so I find myself spending the time listening to Italian live radio broadcast (thank you TuneIn Radio app). This is one of the blessings of broadband streaming; your views and surroundings are rooted in the US, but your real-time soundtrack is coming from elsewhere… Continue reading Terraferma (Emanuele Crialese – 2011)

Golden Door – Nuovomondo (Emanuele Crialese – 2006)

The latest film by director Emanuele Crialese (who also did 2002 Respiro) is a fine example of modern Italian cinema at its best – amazing photography, supported by clever screenplay and pounding soundtrack that will keep you relishing the experience days after watching. [youtube width=”615″ height=”461″]http://youtu.be/-NkoJXHiQTc[/youtube] The film vividly tells the story of Italian emigration… Continue reading Golden Door – Nuovomondo (Emanuele Crialese – 2006)

Respiro – Grazia’s Island (Emanuele Crialese – 2001)

Session Winter 2007. Last movie. Lampedusa, an island of 6000 people, closer to Africa than to Sicily. They don’t even speak italian. They don’t speak anyway. This movie talks through the southern people’s glance, the wild gestures of bearfooted children, the dark thick skin of the fishermen and the close mouth of their women. Blessed… Continue reading Respiro – Grazia’s Island (Emanuele Crialese – 2001)