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Too Bad She’s Bad – Peccato che sia una Canaglia (Alessandro Blasetti – 1954)

Looking for a classic heart-warming comedy?

Director Alessandro Blasetti is here to take you back to 1954 Rome in a brilliant comedy featuring signature performances by 20-years old Sophia Loren, Marcello Mastroianni and Vittorio De Sica. The film is a fine example of the Italian comedy (commedia all’italiana) genre of the 50’s-60’s known for masterpieces by Mario Monicelli, Pietro Germi and others that self-explored the social and economic changes affecting post-war Italian society.

The chemistry between young Loren and Mastroianni is phenomenal as well as De Sica’s portrayal of Loren’s father and head of a family of thieves. Mastroianni plays a naive taxi driver that means well, but keeps falling for the swindling charms of Loren and her fast-talking.

My favorite scenes are those of Mastroianni driving his taxi chastising himself after realizing he fell for yet another sham by Loren. His range of facial expressions and self-loathing are hilarious.

Beyond the dream-team cast, the film boasts a catchy swing tune that will keep you humming bingo bango bongo… days after watching the film. Interestingly, the song written by Renzo Arbore was originally made in the 40’s as a protest against the fascist colonialism.

Here are the words to help you out with the chorus:

Oh bongo bongo bongo
stare bene solo al Congo
non mi muovo no no
bingo bango bengo
molte scuse ma non vengo
io rimango qui
no bono scarpe strette saponette
treni e tassi’
ma con questa sveglia al collo
star bene qui

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