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Mafioso (Alberto Lattuada – 1962)

It’s that great excitement you get when you come across a truly rewarding film by a director you have never seen much of his work when everything seems to work exactly how you’d want it to be. And Mafioso by Neorealist director, Alberto Lattuada is simply that perfectly fun film. It’s the same sad story,… Continue reading Mafioso (Alberto Lattuada – 1962)

Past Events

Study the past if you would define the future. ― Confucius Here you can find all cafe Pellicola’s past events: (to go back to our upcoming events, click here) Escape Festival Celebration of meanings in Italian cinema March 2014 The program is devoted to exploring the myriad meanings of escape – from a recreational outlet, a physical place, to… Continue reading Past Events

Top 100

cafe pellicola is proud to feature select cinematic masterpieces that were selected to be part of The list of the 100 Italian films to be saved (Italian: 100 film italiani da salvare). The project was created with the aim to report “100 films that have changed the collective memory of the country between 1942 and… Continue reading Top 100

Open Roads 2013: Il Riscatto – The Redemption (Giovanna Taviani – 2013)

“Unlikely Combinations” may be considered one of the most effective recipes to drive engagement in arts. In cinema in general and in our case Italian cinema, you can instantly think of many successful examples. Here are two prominent location themes that were heavily used in both comedy and drama genres: 1) South and North differences:… Continue reading Open Roads 2013: Il Riscatto – The Redemption (Giovanna Taviani – 2013)