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Hands over the City – Le Mani Sulla Città (Francesco Rosi – 1963)

The characters and events shown are imaginary The social and environmental context is real Fracesco Rosi‘s outrageously bold social realism film ends with the above condemning statement. The film offers a unique over the ...

Miracle in Milan – Miracolo a Milano (Vittorio de Sica – 1951)

Take a close look at the this picture. What do you think is happening? A lot has been written about this neorealist modern fairy tale from Vittorio de Sica – the director of ‘The Bicycle Thief’. If you haven’t seen this m...
Kimbo (Naples - 1963)


The Job – Il Posto (Ermanno Olmi – 1961)

Do you remember your first job interview and your mom protectively cautioning you, don’t mess up this could be a great opportunity, practically work for life? Or an important exam you took at school and the following stress aft...