Enchanted – Incantato (Pupi Avati – 2003)

Can a social class gap prevent two people from having a relationship? According to Pupi Avati’s highly-acclaimed film Incantato – no for a while, but then again yes in 1920’s Bologna.

Enchanted - Incantanto

In this context, Nello a young and sensitive professor (Neri Marcorè) from Rome is sent to teach in a notable college in Bologna and most importantly to find a wife so he can eventually take over his father’s business. Nello falls head over heels with Angela (Vanessa Incontrada) – a stunning high society girl that due to an accident is blind.

This physical obstacle becomes a crucial “wall of protection” that temporarily keeps the relationship alive, albeit in two parallel worlds. What the eye can’t see, the heart can’t feel. Visual perceptions or their absence thereof lead the way. Yet, as soon as the handicap is removed social norms and family responsibilities forcefully reign in to keep order intact even at the price of losing one’s true love and career passion.

I also liked the score by Riz Ortolani of carefully prescient violins that effectively paint this fragile and doomed relationship every time the couple reaches another juncture in the ever-growing emotional imbalance.

By Shlomi Ron

Visual marketing guy with a penchant for fine Italian cinema.

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