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Respiro – Grazia’s Island (Emanuele Crialese – 2001)

Session Winter 2007. Last movie. Lampedusa, an island of 6000 people, closer to Africa than to Sicily. They don’t even speak italian. They don’t speak anyway. This movie talks through the southern people’s gla...

The Wedding Director – Il Regista di Matrimoni (Marco Bellocchio – 2006)

Franco Elica, a famous movie director, accidentally in Sicily, has been given the job by the Prince of Gravina, to shoot the movie of his daughter’s wedding. The film opens with the scene of the wedding of his daughter (the dir...
Sant’Eustachio Il Caffè (Rome – 1938)


Special Interview with Director Mimmo Calopresti at Grand Opening of Los Angeles-Italia Film Festival

We enter the VIP lounge and start a fight for the food. The buffet is overcrowded, as it’s already 10pm. Hands grabbing us from every side like uncontrollable tentacles, hard to keep away, so I decide to hit the bar and get som...

The Son’s Room – La Stanza del Figlio (Nanni Moretti – 2001)

I have tried so much to get your picture Victor. Yes Nanni Moretti is perfectly flat as that particular character should be. But there is something missing. Nanni Moretti is flat full stop. Which is different. Nanni Moretti is ...