Regional Cinema

N.I.C.E. Sicilian Short Films Contest – Taormina Film Festival

Just arrived yesterday to charming Taormina, aptly named because it’s perched royally on mount Tauro overlooking mount Etna. The town is not packed as I was initially afraid of but contains a healthy dose of tourists that happi...

Sonetaula (Salvatore Mereu – 2008)

From Los Angeles Independent Festival in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles. Great excitement for this movie which is again from and about Sardinia. The fact that the director was there presenting ...
Illy (Trieste - 1933)


La destinazione – The destination (Pietro Sanna – 2003)

Through the story of Emilio, a young carabiniere sent to a Sardinian village for its military training, the director Pietro Sanna gives us a picture of this culture that seems unchanged over the centuries. Emilio comes from Emi...

From Cinemasud San Diego: Ballo a tre passi – The three steps dance (Salvatore Mereu 2003)

I have been waiting for this and the following movie for months. I am thrilled. This is my own root region (partially) and I have the privilege to be in and out of the scene. Sardinia, where its crystal waters are seen with sus...