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Domenica d’agosto – Sunday in August (Luciano Emmer -1949)

It’s August in Rome and it seems like the whole town has a single mission – go to the beach! You can watch this charming, time-capsule of a movie below (76 minutes, no English subtitles, though). [youtube width=”615...

Guglielmo il dentone – William “Il Dentone” (Luigi Filippo D’Amico – 1965)

These days YouTube is overflowing with rare cinematic gems like this short film by Luigi Filippo D’Amico Guglielmo il dentone, which is part of a triptych film named I Complessi with the other two shorts directed by Dino ...
Sant’Eustachio Il Caffè (Rome – 1938)


The Award – Il premio (Ermanno Olmi – 2009)

This short film is part of “Per Fiducia” (“Through Trust”), an ambitious project that unites three award-winning directors Ermanno Olmi, Gabriele Salvatores, and Paolo Sorrentino in cooperation with Inte...