Flat or No Flat?

In a recent post, Laura commented on Nanni Moretti’s acting style – calling it “flat” – in the film The Son’s Room. Well, here is a short clip from the movie, just hit play to watch: True, this is just a clip, but to me he seems pretty expressive. What is your verdict? Flat or… Continue reading Flat or No Flat?

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The Son’s Room – La Stanza del Figlio (Nanni Moretti – 2001)

I have tried so much to get your picture Victor. Yes Nanni Moretti is perfectly flat as that particular character should be. But there is something missing. Nanni Moretti is flat full stop. Which is different. Nanni Moretti is flat on his own, and his acting is forced, almost theatric, because the actor is not… Continue reading The Son’s Room – La Stanza del Figlio (Nanni Moretti – 2001)

The Crush – La Cotta (Ermanno Olmi – 1967)

Have plans for New Year? Not yet? Well…now you do! Get your loved-one or no one and celebrate it with The Crush, an adorable short film (49 minutes) by Ermanno Olmi. The kind people at Criterion Collection included this fine featurette in the DVD of Il Posto, another gem I have recently covered. The film… Continue reading The Crush – La Cotta (Ermanno Olmi – 1967)

Partner (Bernardo Bertolucci – 1968)

I had no particular expectations from this film. I believe a film synopsis has this ingrained tendency to misrepresent sometimes. In this film Bernardo Bertolucci takes you to his early days in cinema, during the tumultuous late 60’s. It’s highly experimental, with erratic jump cuts, inconsistent plot line, political propaganda (Free Vietnam!) and occasional stylistic… Continue reading Partner (Bernardo Bertolucci – 1968)

The Job – Il Posto (Ermanno Olmi – 1961)

Do you remember your first job interview and your mom protectively cautioning you, don’t mess up this could be a great opportunity, practically work for life? Or an important exam you took at school and the following stress afterwards when your friends commenting – that was easy (no it wasn’t!), prodding you the correct answer… Continue reading The Job – Il Posto (Ermanno Olmi – 1961)