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Mamma Roma (Pier Paolo Pasolini – 1962)

Individualism vs. determinism is it truly up to the individual to change his destiny or is it all predetermined? Anna Magnani in an emotion explosion In his second film Mamma Roma, Pier Paolo Pasolini is constantly moving betwe...

Il Sorpasso – The Easy Life (Dino Risi – 1962)

Labeled as the first Italian road trip movie and hallmark of the Italian comedy (Commedia all’italiana) genre, director Dino Risi provides an alarming prophecy for the future of Italy during the prosperous early 60’s of what is...
Mauro (Reggio Calabria - 1949)


The Orange Thief (Vinnie Angel, Boogie Dean, Arthur Wilinski – 2007)

Have you ever been impressed by someone’s accomplishment and rationalized it by instinctively pulling out the usual excuses such as oh that most likely took lots of experience, money, contacts and anything else that you c...

Mediterraneo (Gabriele Salvatores – 1991)

In tempi come questi, la fuga è l’unico mezzo che rimane per mantenersi vìvi e continuare a sognare. In times like these, escape is the only mean available for keeping alive and continue dreaming. – Henry Laborit Th...

The Fiancés – I Fidanzati (Ermanno Olmi – 1963)

Do your memories carry a soundtrack? Ermanno Olmi in a genuine masterpiece believes they sure do. And why not? We all tend to associate old songs to places and people we used to know and this way create more vivid and richer “m...