La ricotta (Pier Paolo Pasolini -1962)

Right from the choice of the title – The Ricotta – Pasolini kicks off an onslaught of symbols to convey his dissatisfaction with the dull consumerism of Italian society during the economic boom of early 60’s. To his belief, the government along with the church banded together to exploit the poor. A prophet ahead of… Continue reading La ricotta (Pier Paolo Pasolini -1962)

Mamma Roma (Pier Paolo Pasolini – 1962)

Individualism vs. determinism is it truly up to the individual to change his destiny or is it all predetermined? Anna Magnani in an emotion explosion In his second film Mamma Roma, Pier Paolo Pasolini is constantly moving between these two extreme poles. The story, brings about Pasolini’s typical characters on the margins of life as… Continue reading Mamma Roma (Pier Paolo Pasolini – 1962)

La commare secca – The Grim Reaper (Bernardo Bertolucci -1962)

Master Conflict: a prostitute was killed in Paolino park in Rome Sub-Plots: Police investigation showcases stories of five witnesses that depict how their day started and what they saw when it finishes in Paolino park Themed Character: Roman rain that drives characters to seek shelter, triggering transitions to portrayal of the prostitute at different stages… Continue reading La commare secca – The Grim Reaper (Bernardo Bertolucci -1962)

Whoever Says the Truth Shall Die (Philo Bregstein – 1981)

A lot has been written about Italy’s prominent, yet controversial film director, poet and journalist Pier Paolo Pasolini. This documentary film by Philo Bregstein offers a rare glimpse into the tumultuous life of Pasolini until his still unresolved murder circumstances in 1975. Rare, because the film was made six years after Pasolini’s death and so… Continue reading Whoever Says the Truth Shall Die (Philo Bregstein – 1981)