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Cinemasud – The First Italian Film Festival in San Diego

Cinemasud is now performing at the Museum of Photographic Arts in Balboa Park, San Diego. A bit about the festival and its goals (description is from the Italian Cinema Sud site). Cinema Sud, starting its worldwide tour with th...

From Cinemasud San Diego: My brother in-law – Mio Cognato (Alessandro Piva – 2003)

Friday October 11, 2007 Cinemasud discretely opens the doors. At the Museum of Photographic Arts of Balboa Park, we find all the organizers calm yet excited personally welcoming the guests. Victor and his big smile impossible t...
Danesi (Rome - 1905)


Golden Door – Nuovomondo (Emanuele Crialese – 2006)

The latest film by director Emanuele Crialese (who also did 2002 Respiro) is a fine example of modern Italian cinema at its best – amazing photography, supported by clever screenplay and pounding soundtrack that will keep...

Umberto D. (Vittorio De Sica – 1952)

In one of the greatest accomplishments of the Neorealist film movement, Vittorio De Sica dedicates this film to his father and effectively captures the grim life of the elderly in post-war Italy. The film paints a vividly emoti...

Fists in the Pocket – I Pugni in Tasca (Marco Bellocchio – 1965)

Marco Bellocchio, Italy’s second generation of film directors after WW2, highly influenced by the British cinema, provides in his film debut a counter and radical approach to the bourgeois family values, religion and the Neo-re...