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Special Interview with Director Mimmo Calopresti at Grand Opening of Los Angeles-Italia Film Festival

We enter the VIP lounge and start a fight for the food. The buffet is overcrowded, as it’s already 10pm. Hands grabbing us from every side like uncontrollable tentacles, hard to keep away, so I decide to hit the bar and get som...

The Fiancés – I Fidanzati (Ermanno Olmi – 1963)

Do your memories carry a soundtrack? Ermanno Olmi in a genuine masterpiece believes they sure do. And why not? We all tend to associate old songs to places and people we used to know and this way create more vivid and richer “m...
Illy (Trieste - 1933)


Enchanted – Incantato (Pupi Avati – 2003)

Can a social class gap prevent two people from having a relationship? According to Pupi Avati’s highly-acclaimed film Incantato – no for a while, but then again yes in 1920’s Bologna. In this context, Nello a young and sensitiv...

Flat or No Flat?

In a recent post, Laura commented on Nanni Moretti’s acting style – calling it “flat” – in the film The Son’s Room. Well, here is a short clip from the movie, just hit play to watch: True, th...

The Job – Il Posto (Ermanno Olmi – 1961)

Do you remember your first job interview and your mom protectively cautioning you, don’t mess up this could be a great opportunity, practically work for life? Or an important exam you took at school and the following stress aft...