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The Girlfriends – Le Amiche (Michelangelo Antonioni – 1955)

Do you see your friends as sources of support or anxiety? More often than not, friendships provide us with mirrors through which we can interpret and validate our reality. In this film, Michelangelo Antonioni explores the intri...

Christ Stopped At Eboli – Cristo si è Fermato a Eboli (Francesco Rosi – 1979)

In this film, Francesco Rosi tells the story of painter Carlo Levi, an anti-fascist activist that was arrested in Turin in 1935 and was sent by Mussolini to the remote town of Gagliano (invented name) – in what is known t...
Illy (Trieste - 1933)


Respiro – Grazia’s Island (Emanuele Crialese – 2001)

Session Winter 2007. Last movie. Lampedusa, an island of 6000 people, closer to Africa than to Sicily. They don’t even speak italian. They don’t speak anyway. This movie talks through the southern people’s gla...

The Wedding Director – Il Regista di Matrimoni (Marco Bellocchio – 2006)

Franco Elica, a famous movie director, accidentally in Sicily, has been given the job by the Prince of Gravina, to shoot the movie of his daughter’s wedding. The film opens with the scene of the wedding of his daughter (the dir...

Malèna (Giuseppe Tornatore – 2000)

The key ingredients of this film include: Academy award winner director Giuseppe Tornatore; international debut of bombshell Monica Belluci; coming of age story of a young boy in a small Sicilian village during World War II; an...