Il Sorpasso – The Easy Life (Dino Risi – 1962)

Labeled as the first Italian road trip movie and hallmark of the Italian comedy (Commedia all’italiana) genre, director Dino Risi provides an alarming prophecy for the future of Italy during the prosperous early 60’s of what is...

La commare secca – The Grim Reaper (Bernardo Bertolucci -1962)

Master Conflict: a prostitute was killed in Paolino park in Rome Sub-Plots: Police investigation showcases stories of five witnesses that depict how their day started and what they saw when it finishes in Paolino park Themed Ch...
Miscela d’Oro (Messina – 1946)


8½ (Federico Fellini – 1963)

This Oscar-winning masterpiece was originally titled “La Bella Confusione” (The Nice Confusion) and was made in six months against the backdrop of the early 60’s Economic Miracle (Boom Economico) in which Italy experienced subs...

Kaos (Paolo and Vittorio Taviani -1984)

With a mysteriously enchanting soundtrack by Nicola Piovani and a black raven donned with a chiming bell flying over the timeless medieval villages perched defiantly on the mountains of Girgenti on the southern coast of Sicily ...

Rocco e i suoi fratelli – Rocco and his Brothers (Luchino Visconti – 1960)

It’s a story told many times of a family that leaves home to find a better life elsewhere.  In this masterpiece Visconti overlays this basic premise in Italy of the Economic Boom of early 60’s, the cultural dissonant emerging f...