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Golden Door – Nuovomondo (Emanuele Crialese – 2006)

The latest film by director Emanuele Crialese (who also did 2002 Respiro) is a fine example of modern Italian cinema at its best – amazing photography, supported by clever screenplay and pounding soundtrack that will keep...

Umberto D. (Vittorio De Sica – 1952)

In one of the greatest accomplishments of the Neorealist film movement, Vittorio De Sica dedicates this film to his father and effectively captures the grim life of the elderly in post-war Italy. The film paints a vividly emoti...
Segafredo Zanetti (Bologna – 1973)


Fists in the Pocket – I Pugni in Tasca (Marco Bellocchio – 1965)

Marco Bellocchio, Italy’s second generation of film directors after WW2, highly influenced by the British cinema, provides in his film debut a counter and radical approach to the bourgeois family values, religion and the Neo-re...

Story of a Love Affair – Cronaca di un amore (Michelangelo Antonioni – 1950)

Rainy dark streets, unfulfilled love, alienated ambience, restless camera movement and mimialistic soundtrack come together here in Michelangelo Antonioni’s first full-length feature film. With the recent passing of this incred...

Salvatore Giuliano (Francesco Rosi – 1962)

In this masterpiece classic director Francesco Rosi tells the story of Salvatore Giuliano, a famous Sicilian gangster that during the mid-40’s collaborated with a Sicilian separatist group, Movement for the Independence of Sici...